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Kyle: Blog #2

Posted by Kyle Grossman on December 11, 2014 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (21)

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Kyle Grossman


Blog #2

The Ice Dragon

By: George R.R. Martin


Dear Ms. Lemos,

            This week I am reading an outstanding book called The Ice Dragon, this books main character Adara had an interaction with a side character that was her father that went like, “Father I hurt myself” which is on Pg18 and the other interaction that Adara had with a side character was when Adara was talking to Hal and stated, “You are cold to her. You do not love her as you do the others”, which is on Pg23. How these interactions affected the plot was that Adara was brave to confront Hal and speak up to her, and she is emotional to her father and needs assistance, which effect’s the rising action.

            Such a hard choice but I have to go with Adara, two reasons why Adara is my favorite character is that first she is brave, how I know this is because Adara risks her own live to ride the Ice dragon unlike everyone in the book and second she is very helpful because on Pg108 Teri was lost and she spots her crying with tears dripping from her eyes and she helps her find her family. Two ways How I am similar to Adara is that we share in common bravery and share thoughtfulness like if someone needs help but also two ways how me and Adara are different are I have no brother unlike her how she has Geoff and second She is a younger sibling where I am an older sibling to my sister.  Three examples of figurative language that I noticed was first on PG 22 were it says “Hal is a man with a face like a noble”, which is a simile, second on PG36 it says “winter hugs them every year with a great surprise”, which is a personification and last on PG94 it says “the dragons eyes met Adara’s in a moment” which is a personification.

            Hmm, what aspect of the novel would I even change, oh yeah I would want to change the fact that there wasn’t a lot of Action because I am a type of person who loves the fighting or the climax, but I am shocked that there wasn’t a lot of action that included the Ice dragon. What’s the tone or the mood well first the tone of the story is adventurous because in the story Adara goes through a lot with the help of her family and the mood of the story is infused because the author writes so detailed and high level vocabulary that makes you want to keep reading. The authors point of view is third person limited omniscient, two ways why is because I know what the Adara thinks, sees, knows, hears, and feels, second I also see in the story that it uses words like he, she, it, they, and them. If I was able to change the setting I would change it to a snowy forest, because first the author then could add more action by having them survive and hide in the woods and second because I wasn’t that interested from the setting in the story because it took place in a village and it deducts action where the setting can be in a forest.

            In conclusion, The Ice Dragon was a great book that had fascinating detail and vocabulary that I hope that the author writes another book about and I hope it’s a great book just like how this one is.