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Posted by Vanche Occeas on June 2, 2014 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Vanche Occeas


Blog #15

Book Title: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Author: John Boyne


Dear Ms. Lemos

Last week I read the most interesting novel named The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. This book is a historical fiction because the author used fictional characters and events to help the reader understand the past. For example Shmuel is a fictional character that represents a Jewish character that and is in the concentration camps. The characters of the novel are Bruno, Shmuel, and Gretel. Bruno is the protagonist and is a Round and Dynamic character. I can tell this because he is described very well as described on (page 15) it tells the reader where he lives and his personality. He is also a dynamic character because he experiences a change through the story because at first he hates his new house Poland and misses his in Berlin. Later on in the novel he meets a boy named Shmuel and becomes his best friend and starts to like his new home in Poland. Shmuel is a flat character because he is not well developed and is easy to be predictable because he is stuck in the concentration camps. Shmuel can be seen as a protagonist because he was never a rude child, he wanted to have fun even though that cost his and Bruno’s life. As described on (page 234) he takes Bruno to the camps and they are forced into a gas chamber, which killed both Shmuel and Bruno. The last character Gretel is a protagonist but is also a static character. This can be told because she remains the same throughout the beginning of the book to the end.

The setting of the novel is in Poland during the late 1930’s with extreme rainy weather. On (page 15) it states that Bruno moves into Poland and out of his home city that he loves in Berlin Germany. Also this is in the 1930’s because the Holocaust started in the 1930’s when Hitler became chancellor of Germany. The weather was rainy because on (page 232) it says that “Shmuel, Bruno and other people in the concentration camps had to walk in the rainy weather into the gas chamber room”.

The exposition of the novel starts off on (page 9) when the family’s maid is packing all of Bruno’s clothing because Bruno’s father is promoted to a job in Poland to work as a Nazi soldier. Once Bruno’s family move to Poland, Bruno complains that the house is too small compared to the one that is located in Berlin because the one in Poland only had two stories and the one on Berlin had five stories. The rising action is that Bruno starts an exploration around his new house because he enjoys to act like a detective described on (page 97) and finds a group of people surrounded by fences. The climax is that Bruno finds a child in the camp that is the same year old as Bruno and called each other “twins” because they were said to look the same, this can be found on (pages 123, and 127). The falling action is that Shmuel’s father goes on a work trip and is never found again. This causes controversy because Shmuel becomes depressed that he cannot find his father. The resolution is that Bruno has to leave Poland and Shmuel wants to spend Bruno’s last day before his departure and decides to spend it by looking for his father. Bruno comes the next day and wears the striped pajama to be able to fit in with the crowd. On (page 223) Bruno tries to help Shmuel find his father until it gets dark. Right before Bruno decides to leave a storm starts and all the prisoners are forced into tiny houses, Bruno stays for a while until the rain stops but then it is too late because the Nazis force all the people with striped pajamas to the gas chambers to die. The main conflict of the novel is character to society because the main character had to die in the society of the concentration camps. The tone of the novel is sad, this is because the protagonists die. The mood is depressing this can be seen because the reader would be sad that the both protagonists died. The central theme is that two friends that had many things in common died together. The author’s point of view is first person because Bruno is the narrator. The author’s purpose for writing this novel is to share a story about two friends that kept being friends until they died together.

Sincerely, Vanche Occeas